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New Horizons Fellowship 

Have you given up on church, or decided not to try it in the first place?

New Horizons Fellowship is the church for people who don’t like church the way it’s always been done. If you’re tired of guilt trips, outdated music or irrelevant messages, check out NHF and discover a different approach to a relationship with God.

New Horizons offers practical teachings from the Bible that can make a difference in your everyday life, music that you would choose to listen to, and the opportunity to explore a relationship with God in a safe place on your own timetable.

New Horizons Fellowship believes that the teachings of Jesus Christ are applicable to today’s problems; that His life, death and resurrection provide a brilliant blueprint for everyday living.

That’s why you’re invited on a path of discovery as together we uncover the truths of God’s word and how it can make our lives meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling.

>> Sunday Celebrations 9:30am and 11:00am

>> Directions to NHF

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