Small Groups

Grow with others through small groups

Small groups are a way to connect and grow with other people at New Horizons Fellowship who may have similar goals, interests, or circumstances as you do. These groups may meet weekly, twice a month, monthly, or periodically, at NHF’s facility or at other locations such as homes or coffeeshops. Three types of small groups are offered– fellowship groups, study groups, and support groups.

Fellowship Groups

Fellowship groups provide an opportunity to get to know and encourage others with a similar life stage or interests. They typically meet on an ongoing basis, often in a home setting.

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Study Groups

Study groups explore knowledge of the Bible and Christianity, often focused on a particular topic or book of the Bible. Usually found at the NHF facility, these groups can be ongoing or have a fixed beginning and end.

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Support Groups

Support groups address the issues you may be facing at this time in your life, and participants seek to encourage one another in facing their shared challenges. These groups meet at the NHF facility, for a specific length of time. Seminars or information sessions may also be offered, which are short-term or one-time gatherings to provide helpful insights about a particular topic.

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