Fact or Friction?

2/22/2021 - 3/28/2021

Since March of 2020, our world has been in unprecedented upheaval from a microscopic disease that has affected us all... financially, relationally, mentally and spiritually. But are all of our current troubles COVID's fault? In this new series, Pastors Ray and Tommy will be exploring how the virus didn't cause all of our problems (though it has certainly complicated them!) Many of them result from areas of friction in our lives that we need to uncover and deal with. Join in for the next five weeks as together we ask the question... Fact or Friction?

In This Series

  1. 02/28/21: In Our Finances
  2. 03/07/21: In Churches
  3. 03/14/21: In Our Families
  4. 03/21/21: In Our Relationships
  5. 03/28/21: In Ourselves