Easter 2019
A Door to Freedom

Maundy Thursday

On Thursday evening, April 18, at 7pm, join in a service to mark the occasion of Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples before His crucifixion. There will be songs, prayer, reflection and communion.

Good Friday

Journey of Reflection: Drop by New Horizons between 10am - 3pm on Friday, April 19, to walk a path of reflection and prayer, recognizing Jesus' sacrifice on our behalf and preparing us for the celebration of Easter.

The Passion of the Christ: New Horizons will screen this cinematic depiction of Jesus' crucifixion at 12pm on Friday, April 19. Please be advised this is a very intense film.

Easter Sunday

Join in for Celebration at 10am on Sunday, April 21, and experience the joy of Jesus' resurrection and the gift it brought of a Door to freedom.

A Door to Freedom

Jesus said, " I am the Door. Everyone who comes in through Me will be saved." 

At Easter we celebrate that Jesus has risen to release us from our prisons.

Whatever prisons we are living in, due to our actions, attitudes and beliefs, Jesus' resurrection means we no longer have to live confined and alone and afraid. Our prison cells of pretending, unforgiveness and fear keep us from living the life we were created by God to experience. 

On Easter, Jesus provided the pardon, unlocked our cells, became the Door and invites you to step out of your prison and into His glorious freedom.

Join a Small Group

Stop by the Small Group Connection Event on Easter Sunday!