Each person brings uniqueness and diversity to New Horizons Fellowship. Using your time and talents to express your individuality enhances the overall vision and purposes of the church, and brings personal fulfillment. For help in finding the role that is designed for you, NHF offers a tool called SHAPE.

God has given every believer:

Spiritual gifts… given by God for the purpose of helping others
Heartbeats… a passion for certain things, people or circumstances
Abilities… the skills and talents that are natural or that you’ve developed
Personality… the framework through which you see the world
Experiences… both positive and negative, which teach us about ourselves and God

The SHAPE workbook, available each week from the Information Table or mailed to you upon request, is a collection of inventories, questionnaires and assessments. It, along with a personal interview which completes the SHAPE process, is designed to help people find and utilize their unique SHAPE, encouraging the selection of matching team or group opportunities, or the founding of new ones.

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