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NHF offers attenders the opportunity to become members through personal belief in Jesus Christ and participation in three additional steps to membership: Highlife (the membership class of NHF), baptism, and membership vows.

Highlife (NHF’s membership class)

This one-session seminar explains the beliefs, strategy, structure and purposes of New Horizons Fellowship, and what it means to become a member of NHF. Often held on a Sunday afternoon, Highlife is offered several times each year. Attendance at this class is a prerequisite to taking membership vows, but can be completed before or after baptism.


This is a special occasion at New Horizons, designed to demonstrate symbolically the new life we experience in relationship with Jesus Christ. Several opportunities for baptism are offered each year, and you do not have to have attended the membership class (Highlife) before being baptized. At New Horizons, baptism is based on an individual’s personal decision to follow Christ, and therefore NHF does not offer infant baptism. Parents can participate in a parent/child dedication, held each Mother’s Day, to thank God for the lives of their children and commit to raising them with God’s help. Children and youth who are able to describe their personal decision to be baptized are eligible candidates, along with adults. Participation in baptism is a prerequisite to taking membership vows, but can come before or after Highlife attendance.

Membership Vows

Membership vows are taken at the conclusion of a Sunday Celebration, and are offered at various points throughout the year. Taking membership vows is based on a personal decision to become a Christ-follower, along with attendance at Highlife and participation in baptism. Once all of those elements are completed, attenders are invited to join in membership vows. Once vows have been taken, you are a member of New Horizons Fellowship.

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