Spring Cleaning

The weather has turned a little warmer, and the clocks have been changed to a longer day, so have you started spring cleaning yet? Maybe your annual car wash, or raking up the leaves you left in the yard last fall? Do you still need to take down Christmas decorations?

Almost everyone this time of year tries to renew, refresh, repair and rejuvenate some part of their life, whether it be external like your home or car, or maybe physical, like getting that beach body toned up.

How about your spiritual life? Is there junk there that needs to go? A pocket of unforgiveness here, some guilt that comes out at night, doubts that keep coming back, a habit you haven’t fully released to God?

In this series about spring cleaning, we’ll talk about how to get rid of the spiritual clutter that’s been between you and the life God wants you to have. Clean it out!

Sunday, April 3  The Pride Ride (pride)

Sunday, April 10  The Ugly Green-Eyed Monster  (envy)

Sunday, April 17  Don’t Supersize Me (gluttony)

Sunday, April 24  Harnessing the Heat (anger)

Sunday, May 1  Rewiring the Desire to Acquire (greed)

Sunday, May 8  Getting Into Gear (sloth)

Sunday, May 15  Putting on the Big Chill (lust)

Sunday, May 22 Overcoming

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