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Time for Change

October 31, 2008

You’ve heard the theme for months. Candidates try to win your vote by promising to change the way government works. But each of us needs change that’s beyond the reach of the government. What about discovering our purpose in life, embracing our strengths, and letting ourselves live in the security of God’s promises? In fact, that’s more than change. That’s transformation.

So why settle for governmental change when you can experience life transformation?

Turn your clock back one hour on Saturday night, November 1, so you can come and experience the freedom and joy of life transformation on Sunday, November 2, as NHF celebrates baptism and communion at 9:30am and 11:00am.

Identity Theft

October 1, 2008

We all know the damage it inflicts– or do we? There’s a kind of identity theft that goes far deeper than our financial resources. It impoverishes our souls and keeps us from experiencing the richness in life God intends for us.

We were never meant to be chameleons, changing into whatever we need to be in order to gain love and acceptance. We were created for more- much more- than the way we look, what we accomplish or fail to accomplish, and the sum of our past rejections, failures and wounds.

The good news is that our identities are retrievable. Join in for this series, as Pastor Ray shows how we can reclaim our deep, God-given identities and live freely, purposefully, and joyously out of a renewed knowledge of who we truly are.

  • October 5 Robbed by Relationships
  • October 12 Mugged by the Mirror
  • October 19 Stolen by Success
  • October 26 Pickpocketed by the Past
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