Do you cringe a little when you hear that word used to describe a person, a group, or certain behavior?

We have things called Christian schools, Christian values, the Christian vote, Christian businesses, a Christian nation and, around the world, Christian political parties and even Christian militias.

Do these things represent what Jesus told His followers to do?

Do they give non-believers any reason to be curious about Christ?

How did the word that originally meant “little Christ” come to mean intolerance, homophobia, hypocritical moralizing, and greed to so many non-believers?

Because many Christians have forgotten how to be “little Christs”… or maybe they never knew.

You are invited to discover what Jesus expects from His followers, and maybe re-set your expectations for yourself, through the course of this 8-week message series at New Horizons Fellowship.

Sunday Celebrations take place each week at 9:30am and 11:00am.

Sunday, April 12  Brand Recognition

Sunday, April 19  Quitters

Sunday, April 26  Insiders, Outsiders

Sunday, May 3  Showing Up

Sunday, May 10  When Grace Met Truth

Sunday, May 17  Angry Birds

Sunday, May 24  Loopholes

Sunday, May 31  Working It Out

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